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Jaco Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Fishing in Costa Rica is at its best. With a variety of fishing trips to Costa Rica to choose from, you want the best and we can provide  it. Discover our options below and if you do not see what you want please contact us and we can customize our tours to suit you.

Join us for a full day of sport fishing coastal area around Jaco Beach, Los Sueños. We left the marina just after 7:am and goes to the Los Sueños area to start our day of fishing. The boat returns to the marina in 16 hours. Many times while fishing for billfish, you will catch tuna and also Mahi Mahi (dorado), which are both excellent eating fish, Rooster fish and red snapper are among in shore local sports fish. Take the year depending on the season.

52Fishing Charter Boat Costa RicaComfortable boat cruise at 24 knots to reach the fishing grounds and back to Marina quickly. 2 friends work the lines and serve lunch and fisherman are well experienced and bilingual for your convenience. The menu includes a full day a great lunch of grilled chicken on a stick with pasta salad, sliced fruit, freshly baked muffins and cookies and bottles of water, Coke and Imperial beer.

Costa Rica 42 Fishing Charter


The new team “on the 42 feet Charter” got into fishing boat, owner lifelong in Jaco Plays Water. Capt. and his crew have been fishing for a long number of years. Team “on the 42” has already begun to take a lot of fish with their own statutes and the “Super boat”. Last season on another boat that landed third in the division of the prestigious boats “Marino World Championship.

55 Fishing Charter Boat Costa Rica

This certainly shows that this team is on its way to you for more adventures like professionals to win tournaments.

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In Costa Rica We customize any range of sportfishing adventure the angler desires, from inshore to offshore or fishing the river banks.

Fishing in Costa Rica

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